We have seen various types of battle royales, from Fortnite and PUBG to the recently released Apex Legends as well as the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout mode, each having its own unique style, however, a battle royale is not a cup of tea for every developer. As the devs of CoD too have acknowledged that leaving behind single-player & focusing on battle royale was a mistake so this does add concern about the upcoming Battlefield V Battle Royale known as the Firestorm. What will it be like? will it be any different? And above all how will it work? Well, recently a leak has surfaced which seems to let us in on how the battle royale in Battlefield V will work.

Now since it is a leak, there are a lot of possibilities that every detail turns out to be true, however, it does seem to make sense. The Battlefield V Battle Royale Firestorm is reportedly featuring about three mods, a solo mode, then a dup mode that will have 2 player teams and then squad mode with 4 player teams. All of this with a maximum player number of 64 per match.  Furthermore, the typical Battlefield classes are also included, even with the mode set to have a separate ranking system apart from the ones from the regular Battlefield V experience.

Aside from all that the landing from the parachute system will be typical to that of other battle royale games. You will land using a parachute from a plane and into the war zone, alongside you will have an altimeter through which you will be able to navigate to the place of your choosing. You can check out the leaked video below.

Having said that it is not only Activision Blizzard that acknowledged the focus on Battle Royale as a mistake rather even before the release of Battlefield V’s Battle Royale version, DICE too is recorded to have similar concerns. Which gets us thinking that what is the future of Battlefield V Battle Royale Firestorm? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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