Battlefield game series has always been one of the most versatile and indulging game series. With numerous changes and improvements to the content and style of the game, every new entry which gets released is captivating. Such was the launch of Battlefield V last November. In the game’s most recent patch DICE has rolled out its New Battlefield V Reinforcements.

Reinforcements are bonuses which only a squad leader can call through special squad leader radio, only if he has enough squad points. So in the yesterday’s patch, a few New Battlefield V Reinforcements have been added. You can check them out in the picture below. This image was first posted on Reddit.New Battlefield V Reinforcements

Also, Battlefield V’s new battle royal mode is about to get launched. With this same patch, a video has been leaked showing of how the battle royale mode of the game will look like. Much information regarding the mode has also been leaked which has not been confirmed nor denied by DICE.

Check out the “Firestorm” tutorial.

Having said that although Battlefield V still has its last move to make with the Battle Royale version, CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, and EA COO & CFO Blake Jorgensen recently shared their take on the sale figures of this game so far and it seems like they were not too happy with the results. In fact, they also added that ignoring the single player version in an attempt to focus more on battle royale mode was the reason.

So now we will have to see what this battle royale version will be like? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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