The recently released BioWare’s Anthem was a well-anticipated title, however, its launch period has been a rocky one. In fact to such a level that its action RPG sequence has also been considered to be one of the worst-reviewed BioWare’s game, in history. That is not all, we and you know for a fact that the title has been plagued with various issues since its release and this newly encountered issue is perhaps the biggest of them all. Perhaps that is why it came to everyone’s attention that Sony has been offering Anthem Refunds to those encountering this issue.

The issue being faced seems to be encountered on PS4, whenever players start the game, the complete system crashes in such a way as if the plug of the console had been pulled from the outlet. This is as you can guess pretty worrisome for the fans and perhaps that is why Sony set out to rectify any ambiguity or concern of the fans for their console by offering them refunds on Anthem.

On various threads of the game’s official subreddit, this concern was raised so quite a lot of PS4 players who have downloaded Anthem seem to be encountering this. A Redditor who goes by the name, “SoundAndFury87” said in a response to a question saying that Sony is aware of the issue and supposedly offered the players who have encountered this issue, with the Anthem Refund. His statement was further corroborated by a user who goes by the name, “bluetidepro” saying that by contacting the Sony’s customers support, they too received refunds for Anthem.

Having said that this is certainly not the first time that this issue has been reported by the fans, previously, when the public demo of Anthem took place, this was among the issues reported. Be that as it may, what everyone is now waiting for is, what will be the stance of BioWare. What will become of Anthem, the game that has been endorsed to the maximum? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Anthem is now available across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Although we would recommend you to not download it if you are a PS4 user.

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