While there is no official announcement for Persona 5 R, only rumors some of which even suggested a Nintendo Switch version, and its release to be Fall 2019, the devs currently have Persona 6 on their minds. Apparently, Atlus is inclined upon knowing that would the fans like to see a Persona 6 Nintendo Switch Version and on other consoles as well. We certainly do think and if you also wish to let your opinion known, you can take a survey made available by the devs for both Eastern and Western fans. There you will be able to declare which console would you prefer to see Persona 6.

This was the first revealed first by Atlus USA, over at Twitter, alongside a link to the survey was also provided. With that being said, the company is not only taking the information about Persona 6 and it Nintendo Switch of other consoles version rather they are also taking in and interested for general directions, in regards to future projects.

Like for example, the US version of this survey (in the above Tweet) various different possibilities for Persona series have been provided. There the devs are explicitly asking what would the fans like to see any of the already existing Persona games on any of these platforms: PC, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch?

So what we can estimate form this is that Atlus is on the spree for making some new things as the public demands that is why, it would be a perfect time to let them know, your thoughts.

Be that as it may, Persona series games are single player RPGs currently available on PS4 and PS3. Would you like a Nintendo Switch Version of Persona 6? Let us know in the comments below.

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