The selling point of Kingdom Hearts 3 is its capacity to include various worlds from very popular animation films from PIXAR or Disney franchises. Perhaps that is why it seems only reasonable for the fans to see the devs add more famous and popular worlds in this game. That is why we have listed below five Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds we and the fans think should be added to the game. Check them out below.

Atlantis – Atlantis: The Lost Empire

The fans of Atlantis The Lost Empire would really love to see the world once more in the form of a Kingdom Hearts 3 world, as you may already know that it is considered to be one of the most underrated animation features by Disney. However, it was a spectacle and that is why adding the lost city of Atlantis would really offer some really amazing visuals and the gameplay is expected to be even more interesting. It would be very different compared to the worlds we have seen in this game, that is for sure.

Great Barrier Reef – Finding Nemo

When Finding Nemo released, one of the key aspects on which high praise was bestowed was due to the amazing visuals of the Great Barrier Reef in the film Finding Nemo. Now we do realize that some of the fans might be a little hesitant seeing the franchise have another underwater world, considering the criticism The Little Mermaid Atlantica got to such a level that it was considered to the worst worlds in the series altogether. However, we can not take that as a lower benchmark for the underwater world and that is why adding Great Barrier Reef to the list of Worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 could really pay off.

Land of the Dead – Coco

In 2017 Walt Disney & Pixar Animation Studio’s animation film Coco was released and the film received quite an appreciation. In fact to such a level that it won two Academy Awards. Among so many things a lot of appreciation was given to the film’s art style and especially Land of the dead. Which got us thinking that why not? Right? We and many others also think that the Land Of The Dead would really mesh well with Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds. Seeing Sora, Donald, and Goofy travel into the Land of the Dead would really be an amazing sight to see.


Talking about modern animation features, we can not help but consider this amazing film by Disney, for it is considered to be among the top charts of modern animation films. Having said that this animated film features a lot of locations, with a very nice blend of humor and talking animals all of which adds more reason for it to be considered among the worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3. However, among those worlds is the place called Zootopia and that would be something worth considering. We think that it would blend very nicely with the open world style in KH3.

Sherwood Forest – Robin Hood

Last but certainly not least, the world of Robin Hood. Robin Hood is a legendary classic animated feature by Disney that really has all the reason to be considered among the worlds that should be added in Kingdom Hearts 3. Since the characters in this film are anthropomorphic animals, it would be really interesting to see them in the game. Among the various worlds in the films, Sherwood Forest resembles the theme of the Tangled world, Kingdom of Corona and we think that it would be an iconic blend of the two locations.

What are your thoughts? What worlds do you think should be added in Kingdom Hearts 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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