Kingdom Hearts 3 was a success long before it even rolled out, the content it already brought and the Kingdom Hearts 3 experience was exceptional itself. In fact, according to The NDP Group, the game was the highest selling title, in the United States. However, now there is even greater news for the fans as the director of the game, Tetsuya Nomura has pretty much-given confirmation that Critical Mode, which was recently detamined from the game’s file is coming to the game soon. Alongside he has also given confirmation that both free and paid DLCs are also in development.

This he said this talking to Dengeki Online. Moreover, talking about the downloadable content, Nomura added that it was previously available in the Final Mix packages, although this time,

“We want to add every additional content via DLC. As for free DLC, we will roll out whatever we finish first, but for paid DLC we want to combine a lot of things and release at once, so it will take time. But we want to finish working on the DLC by this year and the team to move on to the next game.”

So for the fans holding out on this game, let us add that although the Critical Mode has been confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3, it may take some time, so perhaps waiting for a little more longer could be worth it. That said, when will the DLC arrive, is still unknown. Having said that all, Kingdom Hearts 3 is an action RPG that rolled out on January 25, 2019. The game had huge anticipation before it was released and following the release, the fan base has only grown. The development of the game had originally been delayed for quite sometime before it finally rolled out but there is no doubt that Square Enix had been endorsing this game with all the might they had & it finally paid off.

However, now Nomura has also acknowledged the success of this title in terms of sale. He has added that the sales of this game have exceeded the expectations.

As for the numbers, when I saw the exact numbers including DL sales, it exceeded my expectations. Right now we are making the DLC so it doesn’t feel like it’s over. And my sleep time got shorter after the release.”

Be that as it may, are you excited with the confirmation of Critical Mode in Kingdom Hearts 3? Let us know in the comments below.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode Confirmed, Free and Paid DLC Also In Development, Director Says 4.7/5 (93%) 3 votes
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