Funcom is the Norwegian studio behind the titles like Conan Exiles, Age of Conan, The Secret World and many more. Now this company has recently revealed in the press release that they have partnered up with Legendary Studios to develop Future Funcom games, which will be set in the DUNE universe. Moreover, they also said that they will be starting this with an open world multiplayer game which is scheduled to begin pre-production this year.

The press release by Funcom has been made available below for you to read.

Funcom has entered into an exclusive partnership with Legendary Studios to develop games based on the works of Frank Herbert’s DUNE, one of the world’s best-known science fiction universes with multiple adaptations into movies, games and other media.

This is a six year partnership to release at least three titles on the PC/Console platforms, with one of the games planned to be in the “Open World Multiplayer” genre that will enter into pre-production in Funcom’s Oslo studio during 2019.

Entering into this partnership is in line with the company’s strategy of working with strong Intellectual Properties, allowing for two different vast and well-known universes – CONAN and DUNE – to be available for the Company’s games.

CEO Rui Casais said:

Funcom has a strong history of working with beloved sci-fi/fantasy intellectual properties including our bestsellers Age of Conan and Conan Exiles. So many of us at Funcom, myself included, are huge fans of Frank Herbert’s work and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with legendary to bring the iconic DUNE universe to life for gamers all over the globe.

So this is definitely exciting news for the DUNE fans since the last game they received set in this universe was 2001’s Frank Herbert’s Dune by Cryo Interactive and now knowing that the future Funcom games will be set in the DUNE universe, it is an assurance. This also suggests that these future Funcom games will release on next-gen consoles since it is scheduled to start development this year. Which also means that the release may be a few years away. Whatever may be the case, we will surely let you know more on this.

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