You win or you lose, it should not matter, what should matter is that you know you are good alongside you should be able to recognize and appreciate what is better than you. Unfortunately, that did not quite turn out to be true in the case for Green Book Academy Award win. For those who have seen the film know that it was not less than a masterpiece, the director Peter Farrelly did a fine job executing this subtle piece and above all, we can not ignore the staggering performances by both Viggo Mortensen & Mahershala Ali. That said, Linda Cardellini was a gem.

Now aggravating as it may seem, Spike Lee was not the only one who expressed his displeasure with Green Book winning the Academy Award for the best motion picture, however, he definitely was the first one. That said, to be honest, the reaction to Green Book winning should have been more enthusiastic and appreciating in its essence, unfortunately, it was not. Green Book won for a reason, Oscars just don’t hand out free tickets you earn them and that is what Green Book did.

Green Book is a story that goes beyond ages and gives a glimpse of past, present and the future, in figurative terms. The film sets out to form an unlikely friendship between a colored man, Dr. Don Shirley and his driver Tony “Lip” Vallelunga as they tour across the American south. Green Book makes a perfect blend of history, racism, honor, dignity, friendship and above all music as a cherry on top.

While Black Panther’s star Chadwick Boseman’s face caught on camera, also speaks the volume of dissatisfaction for the Green Book’s win, Spike Lee ranks the top among those who lack good sportsmanship. Spike Lee has given us a great many films over the year and BlackKklans man is on top. Plainly speaking, it was a tough call between both of these films but making this win a controversial one is a true depiction of the fact that there are people with less appreciation for others work in this industry and that is something that which is heartbreaking.

PS: The Green Book Academy Award win has nothing to do with black people or racism. The film stands out where others did not and that’s honor.

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