Let me put the performances out of the equation for Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne have done not fine but an outstanding job, there are just no words to how intense their performances were. Having said that Instant Family is a film that speaks many languages and it does have a cosmic connection with us all one way or the other. What people want and what people get, is one way to look at this, others would be what you get and what you make of it. Well, Instant Family does just that.

The films start off to a very positive vibe, in fact, everything seems to hit off just perfect. We have two parents, who feel that something is missing in their lives and that is when they decide that why bring a child into the world when we have so many children, who suffer the problems of social structures? There are so many children who do not get the proper family they deserve and although Foster homes work hard to provide them shelter, they just cannot provide that specific attention, required for each individual child. Here love is the essence. Every one of us yearns for unconditional love and that is where Pete (Wahlberg) and Ellie (Byrne) decide to adopt a trio of Hispanic-American siblings, who have seen and suffered, what most of the children do not.

That is what causes the challenges for both Pete and Ellie, as they take on the parenting. The film is not all perfect but it does not need to for the emotional strings it stuck, pays off all debts. For Pete and Ellie’s parenting seemed easy but it wasn’t, as soon as grace period finished, things spiral out of control, however, their commitment to love the kids unconditionally and ensure them that they are protected, is what finally gives everyone the joy.

Overall this film, Instant Family has some really deep heartfelt moments with a lot of touching details, courtesy of the writer and director Sean Anders. What that being said, we certainly cannot ignore the humor in Instant Family which I might is has been a great companion of this film. How both Wahlberg and Byrne have done it is just remarkable.

Lizzie’s younger siblings are young so the troubles faced by the parents regarding them relates to all other kids of their age. All they need is love, compassion, and support, which both Pete and Ellie are able to crack over time but Lizzie is what kept the film going. Lizzie is the true representation of what a foster teenage kid could be like. She is in her teens and has been through so much that it is just hard for her to accept that her birth mother is and was, never the mother she expected to be. Perhaps that is why it takes time for there to trust her foster parents.

There have been some really connecting moments, like when Pete takes her to the renovation home, where he lets her break stuff so that she could open up and when Ellie brushes her hair. Even with so much connection between the parents and the children, things are never simple. This film gives, hope a lot of credit, uses love and compassion as a tool for achievements and teaches commitment above all to be a key in being a parent that every child deserves.

PS: I really love the couple Pete and Ellie are, committed, loving, contemporary, passionate, loyal, trustworthy and so much more. Perhaps these are the kind of couples we need in our society.

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