The Occupation is an upcoming single-player game developed by White Paper Games and just recently a gameplay trailer for this game was released and it sets in motion some big promises. Along with the interesting details, we also have the release date of the game. The Occupation is slated to roll out across PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 5, 2019. You can check out the gameplay trailer for The Occupation below.

Set in 1987, The Occupation is an investigative game. It follows a journalist who investigates a terrorist attack just a few hours before the vote of the Union Act. A lot of choices will have to be made by you as a player. You will discover new things by talking to the witnesses and finding more and more clues and all of it will be in real time.

For those of you who do not know, White Paper Games is also the developer of the first-person adventure game, Ether One. So what are your thoughts after seeing the gameplay trailer of The Occupation? Let us know in the comments below.

The Occupation Gameplay Trailer Prepares Gamers For Something Different, Release Date and More 4.5/5 (90%) 2 votes
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