Just a few days back, Square Enix published its earnings for the third quarter of FY2019 and what is to come this year. Among so many details regarding the sales targets of various games and all, Square Enix also gave confirmation to an announcement of a big title making its way to Fiscal Year 2020. In fact, the company added that they are very much confident regarding the sales for FY2020.

While the in report, the publisher revealed that Just Cause 4 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider both boosted the overall sales in comparison to the previous year, however, the latter’s individual sales have been below the expected sales. That said Square Enix is hopeful regarding the sales growth with the future Just Cause 4 updates. Be that as it may, they did not reveal the exact numbers for Just Cause 4 however they did add that Shadow of the Tomb Raider shipped approximately 4.12 million copies by the end of the quarter.

Following that, Square Enix then reiterated the previous targets that have been revealed for FY2020, specifically referring to the months between October and December 2019. Apart from them, the publisher was exceptionally confident about FY2020 to have record-breaking earnings.

Furthermore, when asked about some specifics regarding what we might expect in the coming months, Enix did not say much as always but they did add that announcement will follow through in the days leading up to E3 2019. So what this means is that we will be receiving various announcements regarding various titles but among them will be the big announcement for a Square Enix title. Which ultimately means that this year at E3 we can expect that big title to make an appearance.

With all that said, the obvious choice at the moment would be Final Fantasy 7 Remake, however, there is always a chance that we get something new and different form Enix.
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