Fans who have been awaiting the new map, they would now be happy to know that just a little while back, Blizzard Entertainment has launched the new Overwatch Paris map and although it is amazing as we all can expect it to be. You should now that you won’t be able to spend much time on any specific detail since you would be mostly occupied in the combat, snipping out your positions, cover spots and all that. However, one thing is certain that is it is an amazing location to play.

Having said that this Paris map for Overwatch that Blizzard has launched joins in with quite a lot of features with a bunch of key locations as well as it also brings you the one and only River Seine, Cabaret Luna, Patisserie Galand, and Maison Marat.

The trailer for this recently launched Overwatch Paris has also been released. Check it out below.

Be that as it may, for those who are not familiar with this game, which is a pity for you are missing out on a lot of good stuff, this is a team-based multiplayer FPS game, which rolled out back in 2016 and has made a significant name in the gaming industry. Overwatch is available across, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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