We are all aware of the success Nioh has had and all that has been achieved without having an Xbox One port. Now although the publishers Koei-Tecmo have been vague about the Nioh Xbox One port, they have not excluded it out of the equation. Koei-Tecmo has said that an Xbox One port for Nioh is a possibility, however recently they have also been recorded to have said that bringing their action RPG, Nioh to the Microsoft platforms is not in their plans. Which takes us to the topic for today that only fans can make this a reality if they want it to because over at European Twitter page Koei-Temco responding to fans specifically said that “anything is possible” however, fans will have to show them if they want it.

So the ball is currently in no one’s court, and that is mainly because the publishers have clearly declared it that fans will have to show them if they want it. They either want to see the intensity before they make this an actual thing or perhaps they are not much bothered. Whatever may be the case, for the Nioh fans this is an opportunity they should not let go. If you are a Nioh fan and would like this game to roll out for the Xbox One console then raise the voice using the social media and such.

For this might be the only chance we may get because the publishers have not yet made a decision and if the anticipation is high enough then they just might have to consider it. That said, developed by Team Ninja, Nioh is an action role-playing game currently available on PC and PS4. The game is set in Japan during 1600, where the players will take the role of an Irish samurai. As a samurai you will be facing human enemies as well as supernatural beings.

Would you like to see Nioh have an Xbox One Port? Let us know in the comments below.

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