Neill Blomkamp is the guy who gave us the much loved Chappie film and fans would be very happy to see him make an entrance in the recently released Apex Legends. Although there is no actual confirmation, this is as close as the news of Chappie And Apex Legends crossover can get. If you have seen Chappie and are not played the game, then you might see the similarities between the two and that is why some of the fans started to wonder that something is fishy. In response to various fans, Neill Blomkamp responded saying that he is very much interested in a Chappie And Apex Legends crossover. Following the Tweet, Respawn Entertainment also commented saying that they are willing and happy to collaborate.

Now we certainly can not take this as a pure confirmation but it definitely is something that fans of both Chappie and Apex Legends can look forward to. Having said that Apex Legends rolled out just recently and as soon as it rolled out the game has made a significant influence in the gaming industry. We already know that games like Fortnite and PUBG hold the fort for the Battle Royale but could it be possible that we just might have another and perhaps better battle royale game making its name? Apex Legends is far off from the success of Fortnite but at this pace, it just might give some tough competition in the near future.

Neill Blomkamp, on the other hand just recently finished is work over an Anthem game inspired live action short film, Conviction. Conviction made its debut on 14th February this year and is without any doubt an amazing film to watch, especially if you are an Anthem fan.

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