The hype for BioWare’s upcoming game, Anthem is very high and the reason for such anticipation is the fact that this game has made huge promises. Now fans are wondering will it be able to keep those promises? Well, the release of Anthem is just around the corner and if you want to check this game out then you should know how to download it on your console. Since PC users and Xbox users have the privilege of early access to this game, the luck seemingly ran out for PS4. However. not to worry, here is how you can download Anthem on PS4.

How to download Anthem on PS4?

Make sure you are logged into your PSN account.

  • Find the game (Anthem) on the PlayStation Store, using either the search box or through applicable categories.
  • Upon arriving on the Anthem’s download page, choose between Standard Edition or Legion of Dawn Edition.
  • After the selection, add the game to the cart and follow the regular procedure in making the payment.

The file size of Anthem is around 50GB for PS4. That is all you need to know about downloading Anthem. Be that as it may, if you already have seen the Anthem trailers and gameplays then you know what to expect. Keeping that in mind a live action short film known as “Conviction” by Neill Blomkamp recent debuted on Valentine’s day. The reason this short film has been mentioned is the fact that this short film is based on Anthem game.

Anthem is available across Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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