For those of you who are playing Battlefield V as a Medic, you will be happy to know that the medic class is getting a secondary main weapon or something similar to it very soon. This was revealed over at Twitter when a player asked whether Medic class will get something, perhaps a secondary main weapon similar to that of Assault class. To this question the core gameplay designer Florian Le Bihan responded saying that the Medic Class in Battlefield V will definitely be getting something. However, he did not say what that thing would be but most of the fans are expecting it to be a Secondary main weapon but fingers are pretty much crossed.

Now while you let that sink in, there is more from where that came from. Just a little while back, EA DICE LA Engineer Julian Manolov also took to his Twitter account and said that he just finished working on one core gameplay feature. Although he did not directly say what feature was but he pointed us in the right direction saying that the feature that is being added in Battlefield V is the one found in MOH Warfighter and Battlefield Hardline. Yes, you guessed it right, being able to obtain ammo from a support teammate by only pressing a button when you are near feature has been added.

Having said that all, the big question is what EA actually plans to do with Battlefield V. We all are aware of the controversies this game has endured even before the launch, be it the female player controversy or the historical accuracy and now with the recent reactions of the CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson & CFO Blake Jorgensen things have just turned grey for the game. According to them although Battlefield V sales have surpassed 7.1 million in Q4 2018, both CFO and CEO of EA are not happy with the success. According to them leaving behind single player was a poor choice.

Well, they are not the only one who thinks they have made the same poor choice, Activision Blizzard has also shared a similar response saying that dropping Single Player was not too beneficial and the 2019’s Call of Duty will be a single more paly campaign.

Be that as it may, what are your thoughts on the Battlefield V Medic Class getting secondary main weapons or something of sorts? Let us know in the comments below.

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