It is a known fact that when it comes to quality, Sony has a knack to stand up to the mark and that is exactly what they plan to do this year. However, with a few changes in how things will work at Sony, the focus has been set on the quality at any cost. Even at the cost of fewer games, said Sony Interactive Entertainment boss, Shawn Layden in an interview. He further elaborated saying that PlayStation has no intentions to follow similar footsteps to that of Electronic Arts and many others. What really caught the attention was when he said that the release dates for future Sony games do not matter at this point that the company would gladly delay a release if necessary in order to ensure quality over quantity.

With that said we all are familiar with the fact that Sony has always set its focus on quality, with last year exclusive games like God Of War and SpiderMan, it is no strange that Sony wants to push the limits on quality.

“As the exclusive developer for PlayStation, we always have to set the high-water mark, to push the technology further than anyone else.”

Putting that into context, it is obvious that Sony is making some huge changes in the company and the direction it is heading, like announcing that it won’t be present at E3 2019. In fact, adding that Electronic Entertainment Expo is close to becoming history and that in order to survive in this fast-paced gaming industry, evolution is necessary. Big words by a big company that is all we can say at the moment but what we can further add with certainty is that PS5 is the works and Sony is all but ready to have a better future with that upcoming console. And for that very reason, they are making changes and new policies. So perhaps as convenient as it may seem some decisions that are yet to come won’t always be pleasing for the fans.

Let us see what Sony is up to, expect more news every now and then. That said, what are your thoughts about future Sony games to be fewer in quantity to accommodate quality? Let us know in the comments below.

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