In the quarterly earnings call overnight, Activision Blizzard has given official confirmation that the Call of Duty that will roll out in 2019 will have a single player campaign. Moreover, it was also revealed that the upcoming CoD is being developed by Infinity Ward, so perhaps those Modern Warfare 4 rumors just might turn out to be legit, however, fingers are still crossed on those. Be that as it may, the news of the Single Player Campaign making back in the CoD is somewhat of a peculiar decision, as for what we have seen so far the recently released CoD Black Ops 4 seems to be doing good and as per the devs, the game has exceeded the expectations.

We know that back when Black Ops 4 was being rolled out, Tony Flame the game designer at Treyarch is reported to have said that they built Black Ops 4 with an intent to give players more than what they expect and that is why to enhance the experience, they made sure multiplayer was the prime focus. And as many of you might already know, it actually was, the Black Out mode and the Zombies mode all attempted to achieve this goal. However, Single Player was removed from the equation, which took most by shock but it always felt lonely without one.

Tony Flame, said

We made this game with a purpose, We wanted to give players more ways to have fun with their friends than any game we’ve made before, so the whole game has different play styles that can be catered to.”

While giving the confirmation, Activision boss, Rob Kostich said that Call of Duty for the year 2019 will feature an entirely new Single Player Campaign, with a huge expansive multiplayer world along with some fun co-op gameplay. Not only that Dennis Durkin the CFO of Activision also said that this release will root itself in some of the most unique and important historical aspects of this franchise. He said that it will move the franchise forward in a new direction.

All of which is pretty exciting but we certainly can not ignore the fact that removing the single player in Black Ops 4 was a gamble and now bringing it back makes the success of Black Ops 4 questionable? Although the sales have been recorded to be very high, Single player was something that the fans have always enjoyed and perhaps Activision has come in terms to that fact. What are your thoughts about 2019 Call of Duty getting a Single Player? Let us know in the comments below.

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