It has been many years since we last saw the Frozen animation film and now after so many years, the first trailer for the upcoming sequel, Frozen 2 has been released and let us tell you right now that it is not what you are expecting it to be. This newly released trailer is unique in a sense that it has a very bleach and gloomy take to it and the reason everyone can gather is that it has something to do with no ice. A new quest to restore the balance or something perhaps. Nevertheless, it is still amazing, in fact, seems to be more promising that we anticipated it to be.

Frozen is among the most legendary animations films and that very fact makes it one of the best animation film to be revived this year alongside some other best ones like The Lion King, Shrek 5 as well as Aladdin and above all Toy Story 4. Be that as it may, as excited as we all might be, one thought does cross our minds, every now and then that will they be able to bring back the same joy? which we had in the original ones because if they are not able to level up to the benchmark of the original, then these films will be a center of huge criticism.

Be that as it may, check out the first Frozen 2 Trailer below.

The First Frozen 2 Trailer Is Gloomy With Little Ice, Something Is Wrong 4.8/5 (96%) 5 votes
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