At the recent 2019’s Grammy Awards, a great many memories were made, during which a new trailer was also released for the upcoming Aladdin Remake. Now we know the story of Aladdin, we have played the games, we have seen the cartoons, animations and read so much regarding Aladdin that it bothers me to see it getting destroyed. Now I am not saying that this new remake will be a flop if anything else it just might be the most successful take on Aladdin yet. However, its success does not exclude them from the fact that they are altering the old classic and lovable memory all of us have about Aladdin the prince. This new trailer of the upcoming Aladdin Remake attempts to stay true to its roots, at least that is what we have seen so far in the trailer. Above all, we finally have curtains removed on who is playing the Genie.

Will Smith, is our guy, which did give me some courage to anticipate that perhaps this film just might do justice. I realize that we all are excited about this remake but really? Are we? There are so many animation remakes and sequels scheduled to roll out, which on the outer note seems to be the hype of the decade but no one seeks to ask the big question. What if these remakes and sequels are not able to stay true to the roots? What then? Well for us 90’s or 80s people it’s goodbye to the classic memories, we are very much fond of. You might have heard, The Lion King Remake is also in the mix, followed by a sequel to Toy Story series and a reboot of Shrek. If any of these are not able to fall near the benchmark the originals have set, it will be the spoiler of the year, that is for sure.

Although one might argue that the sole purpose of reviving these animation films, is to relive those amazing moments. However, it might turn out to be true that these films reach the level we all are hoping for, which is a complex task to handle. Now I can’t seem to let go of the backup voices of legendary Robin Williams behind Genie  & Scott Weinger for Aladdin. Those voices still run through the veins of the old fans. Which leads me to the final question? Is it worth the risk? No new creativity? Seem like remaking and riping of every legendary classic thread by thready is what Hollywood is doing these days.

Of course, I would love to watch these remakes because it lets me travel back in time but if these films do not stand up to the mark, I would not be only losing my 2 hours and a ticket cost, in fact I would be devastated for that would have then spoiled the few things we love. One might call me skeptical or pessimist but let me know when any one of these remakes turns out to be a spoiler.

Aladdin Remake is slated to roll out on May 24th this year.

Having said that what are your thoughts after seeing the new trailer of Aladdin Remake? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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