It seems to be that Playwith Interactive is playing no joke and taking the love of Valentine’s day a little too seriously for they have revealed that Valentine’s Event for the Warlords Awakening will be no ordinary one. In fact, it will be the best so far. Starting February 13th an exciting event will join the game with many other surprises. This Valentine’s Event will bring with itself new items along with great suits for players as well as renewed weapons suits. And those who have the courage to take their ruthless battles to a whole new level, they will find two completely new areas.

This was revealed to us in a press release by Playwith, with some other interesting details as well. To add more to the surprise factor, new PK field will also be included, players will be able to unlock new pets, new wings, as well as costumes and, will face some of the most difficult bosses so far. So there is no doubt that while you may not have a partner for Valentine’s day but you have Warlords Awakening event spreading the love.Warlords Awakening Valentine's Event

Furthermore, for those of you who reach level 10, you will also be rewarded with new costumes, wings and so much more. Compete for true love as finalists will also be rewarded in February. Having said that this is not the only game, Playwith is spreading Valentine’s love. ROHAN Blood Feud is also getting a Valentine’s Event which according to them will be a very special Season because it will last for a month.

Be that as it may, Warlords Awakening is an MMORPG with a lot of action packed into it. You embark on the journey to becoming an Elite Lord. Along with you will have to face ominous monster every now and then. The game is available for PC.

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