New Captain Marvel Trailer Doesn’t Promise Much


Considering Captain Marvel will be the first Marvel film for the year 2019, it seems to reason, why it is being pushed a little hard. As just a little while back, a new trailer for Captain Marvel has been revealed and although we get to see the humor and action, we have seen in other Marvel films, a lot of us still are not very hopeful.

We know for a fact that Marvel has had a successful run with all of the superhero films, from Iron Man to Thor, from Thor to Captain America and Black Panther, finally nailing it down with the Avengers Infinity War but seems like the upcoming Captain Marvel may not be as good as we might hope it to be. However, this is strictly a theoretical opinion and until the film rolls out we cannot be certain. Now, why are we of this opinion is the fact that this new Captian Marvel Trailer did not shake a hair on our head. Although it was good, it does not give the specularity some of us were hoping for.

Brie Larson is a gem to watch and there is no doubt to what extent her performance can stretch and Nick Fury aka Samuel L. Jackson we know is great but after seeing this new Captain Marvel trailer, it just did not quite hit out radar. Perhaps we are just skeptical but let us wait and watch. Having said that this does not mean that our expectation bar is low for this film, if anything else, we are very hyped up for its release.

Be that as it may, we are even more excited about the Avengers Endgame release, are you? What are your thoughts about this new Captain Marvel trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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