Anthem’s release is just around the corner and while we are excited about the game, we still have a few questions and concerns regarding the game. Among them is the curiosity that what will happen to the progress of Anthem once it rolls out on present gen consoles? Will it carry on to the next gen consoles as well? Yes, the progress of Anthem will carry on to the future consoles both PS5 and Xbox Scarlet. We do not give this confirmation vaguely rather these are official words of the developers. According to BioWare, the game comes with a commitment to be supported over the next 10 years and for that, it would be a necessary step to add such support for Next Gen consoles.

So this means that whatever may be your progress at the time when PS5 or next-gen Xbox rolls out, the progress of Anthem will easily carry on the next gen consoles. This confirmation was given by BioWare’s Head of Live service, Chad Robertson, in a response to a concerned fan, according to him all of the Anthem save files will be transferred to the future consoles when they arrive.

Now, as you can see, there is no mention of any future console but this one word pretty much sums it all and since we already are aware of the fact that Anthem is slated to roll out on PS4 and Xbox One, it would be safe to assume that this “Always” reply is referring to the successors of these consoles. If this happens, it won’t be the first time, this, if you could remember, has also happened before as well, when PS4 rolled out the games that released on PS3 near PS4’s release were easily transited on it. So similar can be the case here.

With that being said, let it be known that we do not have any official release date for the PS5 or the Xbox Scarlett consoles. Although there are a few rumors, some more legit than others all of which suggest the release to take place sometime in 2020.

Anthem is slated to roll out on February 22, 2019, across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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