Just yesterday a new trailer was released for one of the most anticipated games, Metro Exodus. Yes, while the release of this game is just a few days apart, 4A Games perhaps thought it to be a perfect time to let the fans know what is actually coming their way. This new trailer of Metro Exodus takes us into the unknown, Artyom’s nightmare. Showing us various places we will be visiting in the game, once it rolls out. You can check out the trailer below. Rest assured, it is sublime in its flow, intense in its nature and majestic as expected.

Most of us are wondering whether this new trailer has rolled out to suppress the controversy surrounding game not being on Steam but rather on Epic Games Store. Well, it could be one of the possibilities. As soon as we heard the news of Metro Exodus’s development going gold we were all but excited for it. Following that the hype just kept on increasing until we heard the news that the game won’t be available on Steam. As if that was not enough, one of developer even threatened the Steam fans that if they boycotted the game over it not being available on Steam, then they should worry about future Metro titles not making it on the PC platform altogether. Which made this whole situation all the more controversial.

He said and I quote,

“if at all all the PC players announce a boycott of the Metro, then the next metro, if it does, is definitely not on the PC. Better or worse, decide for yourself. I personally feel sorry for the loyal fans, yes. But my assessment of the work done personally by me and my friends and colleagues will not change this.”

Well, that possibly could also be a publicity stunt since the game is about to roll out in just a few days. Be that as it may, the release of this game also makes it one the best upcoming games for the month of February.

Metro Exodus is slated to release on February 15, 2019, across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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