Battlefield is one of the longest-running franchise by EA. The game has seen a lot of success and has gained quite a lot of appreciation however the latest Battlefield V that rolled out November last year does not seem to meet expectations of the publisher and perhaps of the fans as well. In the recent publisher’s quarter earnings call, it was revealed that Battlefield V sales have reached 7.1 Million in Q4 2018, however, the CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, and EA COO & CFO Blake Jorgensen were not at all happy with this figure if anything else they were disappointed. The reason they added was ignoring the single player version of the game and setting more focus on the battle royale mode that has still not rolled out and will roll out in next month.

Andrew Wilson referring towards the release delay in November said that the team realized that some adjustments were necessary before the final version is actually released and so they made some core gameplay adjustments on the potential of live services. And that is why the ship date was moved to November to accommodate those targets. Unfortunately, as it may seem, this decision to delay the game served as one the major factor in reducing the anticipation EA was expecting. The difficult launch window put a strain over the Battlefield V sales figure.

He said,

In August, we determined that we needed some more time for final adjustments to the core gameplay to fully deliver on the potential of the live service, so we moved the ship date to November to accommodate those goals. Unfortunately, the later release date meant the game launched deeper into a competitive holiday window where heavy price discounting was a big factor. In addition, we also made the decision to prioritize other features, including a single-player experience, at launch over a Battle Royale mode. This year, Battle Royale modes became incredibly popular in shooter games. As a result of these decisions, we struggled to gain momentum and we did not meet our sales expectations for the quarter.

Moreover, Blake Jorgensen specifically said, “we had high expectations for Battlefield V”. Then blaming the focus set on Battle Royle and not on a single player to be the reason for such disappointment, he said,

The desire to make changes to Battlefield V led us to move its launch into a more difficult window, and prioritizing the single-player campaign over Battle Royale also hurt sales. As a result, we sold 7.3 million units in the quarter, about 1 million less than comprehended by our Q3 guidance.

So while one may think that Battlefield V Sales might not have met the expectation but the title is still strong according to the publishers and hopefully once the live service comes into play, more players will eventually join in. Let us see if this turns out to be the case or not, we, on the other hand, prefer to think that there is a huge competition for battle royale mode already and Battlefield’s main competitor Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Blackout version seems to be holding the fort. So we still have our fingers crossed. What are your thoughts about these revealed sales figure of Battlefield V? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Seeking Alpha (login required)

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