Just yesterday we reported the news of PS5 supporting backward compatibility but since that news was based on a few rumors and claims by Digital Foundry we could not say with 100% certainty. However, now things have taken a better shape as just a little while it was discovered that Sony has filed a new patent in Japan. This newly filed patent is for a mechanism that seemingly will also cover the backward compatibility into Sony’s future console.

Now although a patent has been filed it still does not mean that Sony is all in for the backward compatibility with PS5 because we have not had an official confirmation. So we can not be certain for this one as well. That said, rest assured those rumors are now shaping up to what actually seems like an actual possibility. This news of Sony flying a patent was reported by Hokanko-Alt. According to him this new patent with the Japanese Patent Office allows the console to determine the software nature, whether a specific software is for this console or the ones from the past. Not only that if it is able to successfully determine the software then it impersonates the old hardware CPU to make the software usable. All of which is pretty much a vague definition of Backward Compatibility.

So, although fingers are still crossed but not tightly, they have loosened up with this news of Sony filing a patent. We now have a little hope and would recommend you to keep your eyes peeled out. In our opinion, the only thing between PS5 supporting backward compatibility is Sony itself. We are aware of the fact that Sony has never been open-minded when it comes to backward compatibility. So let us hope that Sony is able to reason with the request and desires of million PlayStation fans out there.

So while we have no release date for PS5 there have been a few rumors and reports for its competitor future console, Xbox Scarlet. Which suggest that this Microsoft’s future Xbox will roll out sometime in 2020. So provided if it does roll out in 2020 then we can also expect PS5 to roll out sometime near the release of Xbox Scarlett.

What are your thoughts over this PS5 backward compatibility patent? Let us know in the comments below.

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