We all are aware of the last week’s VIP demo for Anthem. We know that it was buggy as hell and for that reason, the feedback from the community was not quite positive. Following the demo, BioWare did assure the fans that such issues are being resolved and fans won’t encounter issues in the final version of the game. Having said that this week’s public demo for Anthem has considerably improved its bugs, would perhaps be an overstatement but it definitely has to some minimal level. There still are some bugs and issues being faced in the demo. Be that as it may, compared to the previous noise raised during the VIP demo, this time the complaints are a little less, which perhaps is a sigh of relief for both, the devs and the fans.

In the VIP demos, we encountered connection issues, infinite loading screen bugs, problems with Origin accounts and some in-game issues like the Fort Tarsis sprint issue. Some of which apparently have been resolved. That said there still are some bugs like getting booted back to Fort Tarsis during a respawn loading screens and such.

Over at Reddit multiple reports regarding the infinite loading screen has been reported for a selected few, other reports include the issue of sound mix going silent, sporadic freezes, missing light nodes during specific missions and some other issues are present. Hopefully, BioWare is working on making efforts to resolve these issues for they have assured the fans that the final game will be bug-free. Let us hope that turns out to be the case as Anthem is one of the most anticipated titles slated to roll out. Apart from the amazing visuals and the vast open world what everyone is excited about are those Javelin suits.

Talking about those Javelin suits have you checked out the fan made Comic Covers of Javelin suits? If you have not? Then we highly recommend you to check them out, for they are truly amazing. That said have you been able to check out Public Demo of Anthem, did you encounter any bugs? Let us know your thoughts about the game in the comments below.

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