One of the biggest battles fought in relation to the present gen PlayStation console is the fact that Sony has never shown any interest in adding backward compatibility to PS4. However, when we talk about the next-gen Sony’s console there are some rumors and even reports which seem to suggest that Backward Compatibility is not out of the box for the upcoming PS5. There have been reports that the developer kits are out, all of which added more to the various rumors regarding Sony’s next console. In a new video posted by Digital Foundry, quite a lot of details regarding PS5 have been disclosed and among them is the claim that this upcoming console will support backward compatibility.

Which would mean that all of the PS4 users, won’t have to worry about losing their library. Which would be quite an assurance however since this is not an actual announcement by the devs, we cannot be 100% sure that it will turn out to be the case. Although before this claim, a little while back we at Virtualoracle also reported rumors regarding PS5 Backward compatibility and now with this recent claim things seem to drift towards it actually becoming a reality.

The origin of the rumor for backward compatibility of PS5 took hype after a patient was discovered which suggested that Sony has plans to emulate older consoles. So putting all that has been said, rumors and claims, we would still urge you to take these with a grain of salt, unless we hear the official word. Be that as it may, it is a known fact that Sony is one stubborn company when it comes to backward compatibility. So all of this makes it even more confusing, however, considering the fact that Microsoft has its own next-gen Xbox aka Scarlett in the works, we can expect Sony to finally give in on its inflexibility over this matter.

That said, we currently do not have any official release date for PS5 nor for Xbox Scarlett. However, we do have rumors which apparently suggest that they might roll out sometime in 2020.

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