The New Pain And Glory Movie Trailer Depicts A Sorrowful Reflection Of The Filmmaker’s Life


There are numerous excellent Spanish movie directors in the industry but none have been so much praised and accepted globally than the famous, Pedro Almodovar. For those who are not acquainted with the name yet, Pedro is the writer and director behind 2016’s critically acclaimed Drama, Mystery, Romance film, Julieta. Pedro has his own take towards stories that he wants to show in his upcoming masterpieces. Those of us who have watched his 2002’s epic movie Talk To Her, very perfectly understand his unique way of presentation. After a hiatus of few years, Pedro is back. A new trailer for his upcoming movie Pain and Glory has been released and has lifted the expectations sky high.

Dolor Y Gloria, also known as, Pain and Glory’s star cast includes two names which are very close to Pedro’s heart. We are once again going to see Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz side by side. As you can see from the opening of this new Pain and Glory trailer, that real-life sadness will be the theme surrounding this movie. Sorrow creeping up on a person and turning into an artistic expression.

Pain and Glory tells a sorrowful story of a filmmaker, whose whole life and its choices has been a roller coaster of emotions, breakaways, and reunions. Having said that Alberto Iglesias is the movies music director and surely we can expect a great score from him as always.

Pain And Glory aka Dolor y Gloria is scheduled to hit Spanish theaters on 22nd March 2019.

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