Nintendo Switch is one of the most sold hybrid consoles out there, so much so that its success is discussed and compared with the major consoles like Xbox One and PS4. However, Nintendo Switch does not come very cheap. Although now if this newly surfaced rumor turns out to be true, then you might be in luck. According to a Japanese publication Nikkei, a smaller and a cheaper Nintendo Switch console is being worked on and it might roll out this year. This news of a new Switch model has surfaced following the announcement of hardware sales by Nintendo.

Nikkei has further added that this new version of the console will focus on portability and since it is cheaper, it will lose some features of the original console, which makes sense. It is no secret that the sales of Nintendo Switch have been remarkable for 2018. Just yesterday, Nintendo has revealed that Switch console has sold over 32 million units, as of December 31st, 2018. Considering these latest numbers and the numbers from the previous months, one might say that that the results did not turn out the way company was expecting but 32 million is still a growing number. Perhaps a reason for a major success since there is no other hybrid console that has the audacity to compete with it.

Before 30th June 2018, Nintendo had sold over 19.67 million Switch consoles worldwide and that was an impressive number. It was even argued that Switch sales might even roam near Xbox One sales which were presumed to be at 30 million. Presumed because Xbox did not declare their sale numbers. Following that the sale numbers for Switch have been growing at a decreasing rate and perhaps that is the reason why a cheaper Nintendo Switch console can be introduced into the mix. Introducing a cheaper one will definitely add more to Switch sales since it is a popular console and already has quite a lot of games. Check out some of the best Nintendo Switch games.

So for those who were not able to purchase the Switch console at 299.99 or even with discounts, might be able to purchase the cheaper version of it. Provided the fact that this rumors actually turn out to be true. So until we hear any official word from Nintendo we cannot be certain and would recommend you to lay few expectations but keep an eye out.

What are your thoughts about a cheaper Nintendo Switch console? Do you think it would be a good idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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