Fans of Anthem are aware of the issues that were being faced by BioWare during the VIP demo of the game. Among so many issues was one issue in which Anthem players were not able to sprint in Fort Tarsis. This issue was among the demo complaints noted by a player, referring to it as the player movement issue. However, Mark Darrah the Executive Producer of Anthem recently gave confirmation that the Sprint issue faced by the players in Fort Tarsis, has been rectified and players will not be troubled with this one, when the final game launches.

Darrah said,

We want it to feel like walking. If you look at most video games, you’re sprinting everywhere and we gave you a jet pack machine for when you’re out in the world, and we really want it to feel like you’re just a person walking around and now you are that person in Iron Man armour.

Among those players who had the privilege to check out Anthem’s demo, a few reported this issue that they were limited to walking speed in Fort Tarsis, which was causing them, to not be able to sprint, making it difficult to play the game. As you can anticipate it is quite agitating as well. Anyhow, you now have one less thing to worry about as not only Mark Darrah has given confirmation but so has BioWare’s General Manager Casey Hudson.

In a recent interview, courtesy of GamesRadar, Huson shed light on the sprinting aspect of Anthem, he said,

There was a run speed that was in [the game]. And then for some reason it was out of the game for when that particular build [the VIP demo build] was made. It is back in, in the main game, anyway.

Having said that, following the VIP demo, BioWare assured the fans that such issues will be taken care off. On the official BioWare blog, Head of Live Service, Chad Robertson posted a weekend summary in which he shared all the reported problems alongside assurances that the final game will be up to the mark. Let us hope that it turns out to be that case.

Anthem is one of the most anticipated games mainly because of the features and things it brings on the table. From those Javelin suits to the open world environment, everything seems to make huge promises. We know that BioWare has been working very hard on developing this game, in fact to such a level that the development of other games, were seemingly affected by Anthem’s development. Which only adds to the overall anticipation that this is definitely something big even for BioWare.

Anthem is slated to roll out on February 22, 2019, across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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