If you are a gamer and you think that you might have missed out on a few things this past year then you need not worry because we have compiled together a list of some of the most anticipated and perhaps the best games that rolled out in 2018. The list also includes remakes along with some major updates to some games which would definitely require your attention. 2018 has been a busy year, with quite a lot of ups and downs, however, it did end on a positive note. 2018 has provided us with some of the most extraordinary advancements and projects in the gaming industry like never before but that is a discussion for another day perhaps.

Check out the list of the best games that have rolled out in 2018. We have arranged the list from lesser best game to the ultimate best game but that is totally based our understanding, of course, it is a relative preference.

Best Games of 2018



Gardens Between is one of the most unique games that have had the privilege to roll out in 2018. For those who have a knack for strange and artistic games, this one here will give just that. The aesthetics of this game puts you someplace you must have imagined at one point in life and the devs have made that dream a reality. It makes you feel like you are having a lucid dream where you think you have the control but then again you don’t. Perhaps the lack of control is what makes this game stand apart from all other games of this category.

Enough said, The Gardens Between is an Australian puzzle video game developed by The Voxel Agents. It is available across, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo is also one of the most unique Nintendo projects that became a reality in 2018. It is a gaming construction toy platform that is used as an extension for Nintendo Switch. It is part game part gimmick that pairs the Joy-Con controllers with various cardboard creations. So for those you like to enhance the fun of cardboard gaming be sure to look this up.


World of Warcraft 2018 expansion release is a difficult one to put among the best games of 2018 mainly because it has had quite a lot of fluctuations in its success. The game has seen a lot of love from the fans as well as some harsh criticism. Initially what really captured the audience was the content of the world this game brought with itself but that was just it. This expansion had a great many problems, the most serious one being the fact that it falls short when standing up to the mark of its predecessor, World of Warcraft: Legion.

Perhaps you will be the best judge of it. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available for PC.


Fallout 76 was a leap of faith for Bethesda and this is what the devs themselves acknowledged, in fact it is a leap of faith for us as well to include it among the best games of 2018. The reason they took this leap was they thought wanted to see how taking a new direction with the Fallout series would pan out, and to be honest, although it might not have turned out to be as grand as they endorsed it to be, the game did fall near to the success it aimed for.

Fallout 76 is an open world to the core and not mainly in terms of finding resources or quests but it brings the act of exploration to a whole new level. The game has left behind its previous predecessors in terms of the basic set to stone storytelling, rather they have made this game as deceptive and unpredictable as possible. Set in the vast landscapes of West Virginia as a nuclear wasteland this game really brings out the chills in its gamers. In short, the game has quite a lot to offer.

Fallout 76 is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Activision’s Black Ops 4 was without any doubt the most anticipated multiplayer FPS game for the past year. With so many details and marketing being done everyone had huge expectations for this game. Also considering the fact that they brought in the battle royale mode and dropped the single player seem to have played a huge role in its ultimate success. Having said that it has not been all bread and butter for Black Ops 4. The game has gone through some serious criticism but the devs were able to capture the audience in time. The two hallmarks on which Black Ops 4 currently stands are traditional multiplayer and Zombies mode. So not including this major addition to the Best Games of 2018 would be unjustified.

That said, Black Ops 4 is available across PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s go Pikachu was literally new for the fans. It did not stand up to the expectations, however, what it brought to the table did capture the attention. The reason it did not stand up to the expectations and hopes was the fact that it was not quite the mainline entry everyone had hoped for. It takes its inspiration from a little bit of everything. It borrows a little from Pokemon Go and from some of its streamliners all the while repeating the complete settings of the original three Pokemon games. So for the players, it was new completely yet was nostalgiac in some distant manner. This success of this game agrees for it to land as one of the best games for the year 2018.

Pokemon Go Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu is available on Nintendo Switch.


Shadow of the Colossus was a legend back in the days of PlayStation 2 then on PS3 and PS4. So deciding to make a 4K remake was perhaps one of the best decisions of 2018. Due to the fact that his game is recognized by the old school PlayStation gamers and now it is a high-quality visual phenomenon, this game definitely falls into the list of the best games of 2018. Shado of the Colossus 4K Remake has been developed by Bluepoint Games and is the preservation of the old classic. With that said, even though this game will give the nostalgia yet it still is not able to give the kind of feeling we had playing it on PS2. Perhaps somethings cannot be preserved but rather remembered.

The game is available on PS4 exclusively.


Gris is a puzzle game similar to The Gardens Between but better in giving the poetic feel. The setting of the game and the surrounding not to forget the music, everything falls near perfection. We have a protagonist who loses her voice and then is on a long journey to reclaim back her voice. The game proved little instruction but then again that is what puzzle games are for, all you can do is move forward into the blissful future. The warm ambient sounds are the key feature that accompanies you on the long journey.


Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure that really shook the audience as it brought a whole new style of gaming online. Allowing the players to sync into the role of a pirate sailing the seas set in a fantasy world either as a solo or with a crew of four players to loot and plunder. The best part is that this game features both co-op and one of one player combat. However, that did not stop the reviewers to target this game and perhaps they did for all the right reasons. The game rolled out for limited countries and although it has seen a little success, it has also suffered a great criticism. All in all, it is definitely worth a shot for it is something new for the online multiplayer lovers.


Forza Horizon 4 takes the driving to a whole new level. Keeps the true spirit of the series intact and adds more the gaming experience. With improved visuals, the environment and the cars look spectacular. Then the open map guiding the players to the various challenges really add to the overall experience. The, however, are the four seasons that have considered to add a sceptered wonder and nothing less. That is why as soon as the game rolled out it instantly nailed down those sales.

Forza Horizon 4 is available on Xbox One and PC.


Like to kill? Of course you do, otherwise, you would not have landed on this page. Well, this here is the unique game of them all. Here you just don’t go around killing people aimlessly. You prepare, plan, check, adapt and above all subtlety is the true art to the Hitman 2. With sprawling environments and the newly added gameplay features give you more power than ever before to assassinate the person, without letting a hair fall.

Hitman 2 is available across PC, Xbox One and PS4.


A Way Out is perhaps one of most strange games on the list and not because of what it is. On the lighter note, it seems like just another action-adventure game but there is more. It brings in the split screen co-op game that brings quite a lot of fun and frustration in the gameplay. You can not play the game alone, you need to people to play this game in complete synchronization. That said the game has left some players frustrated with its ending however the game itself is amazing, heartfelt and memorable to the core. So that level’s up. The game follows the polt of two escaped convicts on the run for every cop is looking for them.

A Way Out is available across PC, Xbox One and PS4.


No Man’s Sky is the mother of all games when it comes to exploration. You don’t explore the buildings or rooms or offices her but the vast galaxies. That said the game when rolled out did not reach the audience it aimed for and perhaps for that reason, it was not able to achieve the success it should have had. However, all that changed when they added the No Man’s Sky Next update. With revamped crafting system, the enhanced UI and new music the game took pretty much a U-turn in its loss of success. NEXT update gave the players more freedom than ever before to explore the universe. The devs added underwater bases and assembled massive fleets for frigates the game suddenly caught the audience’s attention.


Monster Hunter World may seem one but is certainly not just another action role-playing game by Capcom. If anything else it is more way more. As a player, you get to take a role of a Hunter,
who is tasked to hunt down, kill or trap monsters that roam around in various places. A point of attraction for the no Capcom fans is that following it release, the game has received post-launch updates featuring characters from Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, and Mega Man. Monster Hunter World was a great game when it rolled, with few stumbles along the way the game has only improved for the better. The game gas made a staggering and ongoing sales in millions and has also topped Steam charts.

Monster Hunter World is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


The Forsaken expansion release is something that cannot be ignored and is perhaps the very reason it has landed in the list of best games in 2018. Straight up Forsaken expansion literally reinvented Destiny 2. If it were not an expansion, it could have been a Destiny game itself. We know that Destiny 2 did not stand up to the expectations and so they rolled out the Forsaken expansion to rectify their mistakes and the best part is that they actually were successful. Keeping the series gunplay intact the devs have changed the combat experience and for the better.
Moreover, two new environments and the best ever raid to date make Forsaken make its place among the best release of 2018.

Now although this just an expansion but it has made the game Destiny 2 great again. A rebirth, so that is why it is among the best games of 2018.

Destiny 2 and its Forsaken expansion is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Not including this into the Bringing all the characters under one roof is a tedious job and Nintendo has done just that in the released Super Smash Bros Ulitmate. The success of Smash Bros Ultimate has plagued the internet and the stories are not wrong. The game has not only seen success up close but it has basically reinvented success. Enough said, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is crossover fighting game by Bandai Namco and is available on Nintendo Switch.



A legendary addition to the legendary Ubisoft’s franchise, Assassin’s Creed. Odyssey clears all those doubts that the franchise is losing or has lost its grip on the series because it brings the best of Assassin’s Creed with new and improved gameplay mechanics but similar to that of Origins and much more has kept it true to the AC sprit. Taking you all the way back to the Peloponnesian War that took place in ancient Greece.

For the reason that it brings back the vibe that the Assassin’s Creed used to have, this game finds itself among the best games of 2018.


This PS4 exclusive has made a major mark in the gaming industry the talks of its success is known to everyone. The kind of feel it gives with the superhero is way more than anyone actually bargained for and that is why it has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Of course, the plot is a little predictable, well its spiderman duh! but that will not let you think less of this game. The gameplay the action sequence, the graphics everything is just perfect. Also if you don’t like anything then you can swing around the city with that webs you have got.
Spiderman is a PS4 exclusive.


The wild wild west is waiting for you, this here is Rockstar’s benchmark after the GTA series. Taking a deep dive Red Dead Redemption 2 has stepped up the level. The first part was itself amazing however, this sequel has added more to the Western and historical drama altogether. Nothing much can be said other than the fact that this here is your GTA to an open world Wild West, the guns the horses and so much more. The game has made a huge number of sales and for all the right reasons.

Unfortunate as it may seem the game is available only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Which is among the reasons why every now and then we get to hear rumors regarding its PC version.


It is the ultimate legend that has been bestowed upon us last year. It is without any doubt among the best games of 2018 and it has Game Award to show for it. The success of this game is known to almost everyone for those who do not know are wasting their time. God of War is a PS4 exclusive that rolled out in April of 2018 and since then it has been nailing down green flags. The game surrounded by Norse mythology to the core and the execution is just to die for. From the music to the gameplay, everything is just in pure sync.

This game is a creation of  Sony’s Santa Monica Studio and is available only for PS4.

With all that said, there definitely are a lot many games that could have made it to the list but we like to think that these games have without any doubt made our year. Which game do you think should be added to this list of 2018 best games? Let us know in the comments below.

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