We have seen him in, Disturbia (2007) then we have seen him in the mainstream Transformers series, we have seen him in multiple other movies, now get ready to see him in the 2019 autobiographical movie release, Honey Boy that perhaps might have reshaped his career already. For better for worse, we cannot be sure but this film has definitely spread the love. The reason we say that is because Shia LaBeouf has portrayed the role of his own abusive father. So this film is a lot closer to him than anyone can begin to imagine. That said, Honey Boy has already set green flags at the ongoing 2019’s Sundance Film Festival.

It has bedazzled everyone with its appearance, however how you will find the films is another question but you can be certain about one thing that this film is no ordinary one for LaBeouf. He has used this film as a medium to battle his demons. Portraying a role of an abusive father is complex alone, let alone to add the fact that he has played his own father’s role, plagued with ill mental behavior.

It is no strange to know that Shia Labeouf has had a troubled childhood and he has been open about it throughout. He has been transparent to what he has experienced in his life, all the turbulence he had to see with his actual father, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf has now been portrayed in the 2019 movie Honey Boy. Now the question is, has he justified the role? we know he has the potential to perform any type of role. For those who have seen him know of this true potentials. However, only LaBeouf can be the true judge of his own performance, no one else.

With all that put into context, do we think Honey Boy will mark the actor we know off? We like to think so because Shia LaBeouf is included in the list of those artists, who know how to push their limits to the extreme and after seeing Honey Boy at Sundance Film Festival. We are more certain that he is a new man and a new artist.

Be that as it may, we highly recommend you to check out Honey Boy and let us know your thoughts. That said, what do we mean by born anew, well, the roles we have been seeing him in, probably won’t be the roles from now on. However, fingers are pretty much crossed. Let us wait and see for what tomorrow brings.

Honey Boy is a 2019 drama movie, directed by Alma Har’el and written by Shia LaBeouf, it is currently screening in theaters.

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