If you are a fan of horror games then you probably know that Resident Evil 2 Remake has rolled out and as expected it as terrifying as one might expect. We know that Capcom wanted to make this remake right since the original Resident Evil 2 carries quite a lot of sentiments. The devs have been rolling out interesting details every now and then, to let the fans know that that this remake will not be a disappointment and it seems to be that it is not. We recently also had a demo for Resident Evil 2 Remake and now the complete game is out and there is nothing stopping those terrifying monsters and villains.

We have seen before or are aware that Resident Evil 2 Remake contains quite a lot of puzzle solving as well as requires players to manage their inventory and above all to keep checking those maps. All of which only adds suspicion to the players that at every turn or instance there is something ready to scare them. Perhaps that is where the fun is in this game especially. However, the arrival of one of the most terrifying villain came as subtle as possible.

For those new to Resident Evil 2 or its remake, the footsteps of Tyrant are known to spark fear and in this remake, they seem to have done the same. Tyrant aka Mr. X did not get a proper introduction in the recently released game. He just basically barged into action without any introduction or warning as one might expect, perhaps that is a nice way to introduce the shock factor.

A piece of advice to the newcomers, Tyrant is not your typical zombie if anything else he is way more of a normal zombie and way different. Even we are not sure what he actually is. However, for the oldies, Tyrant even with his terrifying feel brings back a certain amount of nostalgic feeling. According to the original dictation, Tyrants are bio-engineered super soldiers created by the most sadistic and sinister scientists at the Umbrella Corporation.

So have you played the new Resident Evil 2 Remake? What is your opinion about Tyrants? How or what in your opinion has made a terrifying entrance? Let us know in the comments below.

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