It is mostly winter in most parts of the world, especially in Britain and perhaps that is why PUBG Corp decided to introduce a new and colder feel through the about to roll out PC update number 25. Focusing on the snow map this new PUBG PC Update brings with itself some new additions alongside the quality of life changes but the addition of the Northern lights is the real catch.

We have new vehicles, weapons, weather systems as well as major loot rebalance and of course it also has a long list of bugs which it aims to squash. Having said that this PUBG PC update number 25 is not completely out as it is only live on test servers, however, it should go public very soon, provided it all goes according to plan.

PUBG support has also revealed important stuff over at Twitter. If you wish to check out the complete details you surely can.

What are your thoughts regarding the addition of Nothern Lights? Let us know in the comments below.

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