We are one month in 2019, which means that we are more closer than ever towards the future Xbox, Xbox Scarlett. And while there are so many speculations out there we can’t seem to make of what this upcoming Microsoft’s console will actually be like. That said, the strings of rumors seem have taken a toll on Xbox Scarlett once again and this time claims suggest that not only it will feature Ray Tracing but will also have 1 TB of NVMe SSD storage as well. Moreover, the rumors also claim that the developers-Kit shall release after GDC 2019.

This rumor had also been confirmed at a verified ResetEra forum‘s member referred to as “hmqq”. That said, alongside the ray tracing and storage claim, this rumor regarding Xbox Scarlett also shared the specs of this upcoming console. Which we have made available below.

The hardware is partially true
Storage is true
Raytracing is true
Lockhart is not Streaming box
Xbox SoC codename is Anubis, check AMD’s plan
MS AI is not a part of the hardware, in other words, never heard of TPU or ASIC like it
How to implement Raytracing? See GDC 2019
Why they make a decision like Lockhart? See GDC 2019
Why there still no DevKit? After GDC 2019

The spect as per the rumor are as follows,

CPU: Custom 8 cores / 16 Threads Zen 2 CPU

GPU: Custom NAVI @12+ teraflops

Memory: 16GB GDDR6

Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD @ 1+GB/s

DirectX Raytracing + MS AI

Even with all the confirmation, we would still recommend you to take this with a grain of salt as these can also turn out to be desperate attempts to claim information. However, what we know for sure is that this next-gen Xbox console will be powered by AMD. This was announced by Phil Spencer himself at the recent CES press conference of 2019. So that is a nail in the coffin for the GPU. As for rumors, let us resort towards a claim by Microsoft insider Brad Sams who recently revealed that Xbox Scarlett will roll out in 2020.

Having said that too is a claim so take that one lightly as well but perhaps not with a grain of salt. What are your thoughts and expectations regarding the future Xbox? Let us know in the comments below.

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