We all are aware of the fact that a lot of focus has been set on From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dark Souls Remaster. However, this is a living proof that From Software is not against revisiting previous games but for those who have had any expectations for a Demons Souls remaster, they might be not too happy to know that the director and the president at From Software, Hidetaka Miyazaki does not have any particular interest in remasters.

In a response to a question regarding Demons Souls remaster, Miyazaki responded that he actually does not like to revisit older titles for a remaster. That is to say, he is not embarrassed by his past projects, specifically Demon’s Souls but it is also not something that he is proud of as well. Moreover, he added that it is also not entirely up to him to make such remaster decisions. There are complications with the ownership rights as well.

It’s like when you write – when you’re younger, you look back on [past work] and you think ‘Oh, goodness what was I thinking, it’s not that I’m embarrassed, I just don’t like to look at my previous works.”

Then talking about the complications he said that he is not particularly against for a Demons Souls remaster that if it were an option put on a table, he would not be against another studio working on it as long as they stand up to the mark.

If it was a studio that really loved the original work and really put their heart and soul into realizing it again, then that’s something I would enjoy.

Be that as it may, Hidetaka Miyazaki has clearly implied that he does not have much interest for remasters in particular. For him, they spoil the originality.

I have these fond memories.” Miyazaki said, “Thinking about the idea of a remaster gives me kind of butterflies in my stomach and makes me a little nervous, so it’s complicated.”

So, long story short we should feel lucky to have Dark Souls Remaster since the president of From Software is not a big fan of remasters. Also, I wouldn’t put much faith in a Demon’s Soul remaster following this response but what can we say. You never know, in this gaming industry a lot of unexpected things happen on daily basis.

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