Who does not love a fine piece of entertainment, unfortunately with the progressing and ever-evolving film industry, the focus seems to have drawn out on quality with commercialism. Although one might argue that commercializing films turn out to be more successful, however, for those seeking something apart from the main streamline there is still so much out there that has been suppressed. Similar are these 6 Sci Fi Movies which are considered to be the best by the science fiction fans, the catch here is that these are not mainstream science fiction movies. Having said that if you have a fine taste for science fiction, then perhaps you should definitely give these six a watch.

Best Sci Fi Movies

After The Dark (2013)

After the Dark otherwise known as The Philosophers is perhaps one of the most unique Science fiction films out there. The element of fantasy mixed with drama makes it captivating. As you can get an idea from the name The Philosophers that it has something to do with philosophy but that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much to touch in this film that it will resort to us spoiling all the fun.

Long story short, After The Dark, sees itself with philosophy major students somewhere in an international school, who are about to give their final exam. What is interesting is that their final exam includes a discussion in which they ultimately have to make decisions for the benefit of the human race, following a nuclear apocalypse.

Frequencies (2013)

We all have heard or thought that everything has a frequency in which it exists in this universe but this film Frequences actually has gone way beyond any other sci fi movie. However, let it be known that this one here is a true mind boggler and if you are not the one for mind baffling films then you might not be able to digest it. Having said that for those who like to push their limits, they will definitely find Frequencies to be among the most amazing sci fi movies out there.

It has just the right amount of drama, one tablespoon of sci-fiction, a pinch of romance and a bottle of 17th Century musical composition. The narrative is complex but thorough and well justified. Frequencies is also known as OXV: The Manual.

The Lobster (2015)

Lobster requires a special heart to watch. It can be awfully slow at times, you can consider this to be a slow-paced science fiction film that centers around romance and how the world works. That said do not let the slow pace fact stop you from watching it, it is weirdly amazing and carries a pinch of perfection. Perhaps its weirdness is what makes it one of the best sci fi movies as well as something to be missed out on. However, now you know, so without further ado, we will let you be the judge.

The film is set in a world where single people failing to find a life partner have to choose an animal they will have to transform into.

The Wall (Diewand) (2012)

The Wall is a peaceful film with its a unique take on Science and fantasy. It has so much to offer yet it steadily remains coherent throughout. Having said that there is this language barrier as this is a German film, although now you are in luck as an English dub for this film is also available, rest assured you will love the setting. Be that as it may, this too is not everyone’s cup of tea.

One day a woman wakes up to discover that there is an invisible wall around the open village which can neither be broken nor crossed over in any case. All she can do is submit to this reality.

Uncanny (2015)

Most of the Sci Fi movies fans must have already seen Ex Machina if you have then this one you will find as a rip off of that amazing films. However, Uncanny is not merely just a ripoff, the take it has on the Artificial Intelligence is beyond any doubt exquisite and deceiving. It is highly recommended and certainly not a waste of time.

Comet (2014)

Comet is a very unique, poetic and strange sci fi based romantic film. We have Justin Long alongside Emmy Rossum. The execution of this movie is what makes it land into the best sci fi moves and we assure you that definitely falls into the category. The parallel universe concept is what the romance centers around and jumping back and forth is the fun of it all.

With all that said, these above mentioned Sci Fi movies are considered to be one of the most underrated films as well but that not the case and should not be one. If you wish to check out more underrated science fiction movies then stay tuned at Virtual Oracle.

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