Far Cry is known for having not evil but the most sadist type of villains known to the gaming industry and it is one of the selling points of this franchise as well, among other things. And now they have stayed true to its upcoming sequel which was announced at the 2018 Game Awards. A new story trailer for Far Cry New Dawn has recently been released and it showcased some really deep and dark world we can expect. Which luckily is all the more reason for us to look forward to this upcoming game.

For those who have not yet played Far Cry 5, we would highly recommend you to get on with it, if you want to have the true experience of this newly released trailer, let alone the game when it rolls out. Be that as it may, what is really amazing and crazy about this game is the fact that they have a knack for bad villains and they are good at depicting them as well. However, for those you are familiar with Far Cry 5’s villain cult leader Father Joseph Seed, they would be astonished to know that now in Far Cry New Dawn, you will encounter such evil that turning towards Joseph Seed for help will be your only options.

Check out the trailer below.

That said, just a little while back, before this Far Cry Dawn Story trailer rolled out, the creative director at Ubisoft behind Far Cry, Jean Sebastien Decant took to the game’s official Twitter account and highlighted a few details to clear the air from all the speculations and ambiguity regarding Far Cry New Dawn. Their among other things he revealed that this game will have RPG mechanics that will be more interactive but on a lighter note.

He said,

We pushed what we call the ‘light RPG’ approach in the game to create more depth.

So rest assured, we can be certain about one thing that even though this sequel might not be as big as other Far Cry games since it is more of an extension; a DLC in a form of a sequel but the evil in this one goes beyond any we have known so far.

Far Cry New Dawn is slated to roll out on February 15, 2019, across PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One.

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