Since the reveal regarding Far Cry New Dawn at the Game Awards 2018, there has been quite a lot of ambiguity regarding what it is and what it will bring to the Far Cry franchise. Fans have been wondering whether it is a DLC or a sequel to which let us assure you that it is a sequel to Far Cry 5 however it is in a form of a DLC. That said, the creative director Jean Sebastien Decant recently took to the official New Dawn’s Twitter account to highlight a few things and put an end to the ambiguities, among fans. Amid which he specifically added that RPG Mechanics of Far Cry New Dawn will on a lighter note compared to that of the Far Cry series.

Decant added that it is not just another apocalyptic based theme with added weapons, car and such, it is way more than what anyone is expecting it to be. Referring to the lighter RPG mechanics of Far Cry New Dawn, he said that players will now be able to craft guns, which will have various ranks and those ranks will be useful in the fights against various enemies with different ranks. Being able to rally your characters and also being able to invest in order to avail better upgrades, is also a major part of the game.

We pushed what we call the ‘light RPG’ approach in the game to create more depth. So you’ll be able to craft guns that have ranks and these ranks, they will be useful to fight against enemies that also have ranks. We have the brand-new Prosperity home base in which you will be able to rally your characters and invest in order to get better upgrades.

Furthermore, one of the most interesting change that one might notice, he said is the addition of an “escalation system” for the outposts. This will provide the players with more real live options in taking over the outposts. Well, we know how to do that, kill them all and we love doing that but now will have more options.

For some fans, the most interesting change will be the addition of an ‘escalation system’ for outposts. Instead of just murdering everyone at an outpost and taking over it, players will now be able to choose between claiming an outpost and its resources, or opting to ‘squeeze it’: If you squeeze it, you’re going to abandon it, Decant explained. And now that it’s vacant, the enemy is going to come back, put more resources in it, and also more defense, and create a new challenge.

Far Cry New Dawn is slated to roll out on February 15, 2019, across PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One. So what are your thoughts regarding the lighter RPG mechanics in this upcoming Far Cry New Dawn? Let us know in the comments below.

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