Lately, Capcom has been a little busy trying to notch up the level of excitement for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 and for that reason they have been very cautious in regards to the details surfacing about the game. That said, a few days back they declared a Resident Evil Remake demo shall roll out for a limited time and that it did on 11th January. It was actually a one-shot 30-minute demo for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There were interesting cutscenes and some major details were finally visualized. Be that as it may, you might find this fact interesting that this Resident Evil 2 One Shot demo has been downloaded about 2.4 million times, with 26% finish rate.

This information is available at the official site of Capcom. What is to be considered is the fact that these download numbers only include those players who have agreed on providing their information and being tracked. It is likely that these numbers are far more than the ones officially declared. What is also intriguing is the fact that over at Steam the total player count also peaked over 10.5k.

This Resident Evil 2 demo being called as one shot apparently actually means that you have only one shot to play it. Once played, you can not play it again. Well, there are a few ways as always, fans work around anything for their mental peace but they are not as easy as one might suppose.

With all that said, the download numbers for this demo do point towards the fact that Resident Evil 2 remake will be the next best thing taking place in the gaming industry.

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