Since the day Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding was announced at E3 2016, there have been multiple waves of excitement among the Kojima Production fans, on what this game will actually be like. In the following years, Kojima has been very careful regarding the details about this upcoming game. However, Kojima was also generous enough to roll out trailers and collaborations for Death Stranding. From which we know that this game will probably set a new benchmark in the gaming industry. Having said that what is really interesting is the fact that two-hour long gameplay of Death Stranding has recently been demonstrated to few devs at Guerrilla Games. For those who do not know, Guerrilla Games is the developer company behind Horizon Zero Dawn.

We came to know of this after the marketing head and communications at Kojima Productions, Aki Saito, took to his official Twitter account and revealed that a two-hour long death stranding gameplay has been showcased to the devs at Guerrilla Games. Adding the friendship between both the studios to be exemplary. Implying that the secrets will be kept secrets. Not sure what this stunt is all about but by our calculations, it seems like Death Stranding’s development is going at a steady pace and they are sharing it with Guerrilla Games to take their opinion of it, in order to enhance the gameplay.

Be that as it may, this Death Stranding Gameplay that has been demonstrated to the Horizon Zero Dawn devs has remained pretty much a secret for now. Not much is known about what went on behind those closed doors and what the game is actually like. However, one thing is certain, the first two hours of Death Stranding have been prepared.

With all that said one of the frequently asked questions an about this game is the release date. As you may know that the release date of the game has not been officially announced and so the speculations and leaks seem to have taken over. What is even more tantalizing is that a little while back, through an issue of Famitsu, Kojima teased the release date of Death Stranding to be 2019. Although he did not give an actual confirmation rather merely said,

“Is 2019 the year of the Whale? Please look forward to Death Stranding!”.

So, perhaps 2019 is the year. With the news of this gameplay being demonstrated and such teases, maybe just maybe, we might hear the good news after all. Let us hope that we do. What are your thoughts about the release date of Death Stranding? Let us know in the comments below.

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