Jump Force is the talk of the town, with less than one month away before it finally rolls out, the excitement seems to be rising at a steady pace. That said the open beta which is currently open is also about to end and now we have an unofficial confirmation that two big characters that have not been officially announced are also going to join the game. In a recently published promotional banner of Jump Force, along with other revealed characters from another universe, like the recently revealed Naruto characters, we now saw two cult fighters from manga and anime universe through the promotion banner.

Pointing to the undeclared fact that these two characters too are joining the game. Unofficial because these two characters seen in the promotional banner of Jump Force have not yet been announced. However, you can certainly expect a reveal regarding these two anytime soon.

We know that Jump Force still has some characters that have not yet joined the roster and so seeing these two does add more to the excitement. Having said that this promotional banner was discovered through an Instagram and Facebook advertisement. We have Dai from Dragon Quest: Dai’s Quest and the other one is Jotaro Kuju from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Jump Force is slated to roll out on 15th February 2019 across PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC.

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