Game of Thrones Season 8 Teaser Gives Some Dark Insights On What Is To Come


If you are wondering why everyone is talking about Game of Thrones well then you should know that a new teaser to the Season 8 of Game of Thrones has recently rolled out and it surely is amazing. Although it is very small in length, considering the fact that it is only a teaser but still without any doubt it is enough for the fans to go crazy and continue with the speculations.

Since the teaser rolled out, everyone has been talking about the absence of bran in the teaser. According to most, the absence of Bran might mean something horrible but then again, horrible is the word that Game of Thrones has introduced itself. Having said that in this recently released teaser for the upcoming season 8 of Game of Thrones we see, Jon, Sansa, and Arya walking by the statues of their dead stark family members.

As they walk past Lyanna, Catelyn and Ned Stark, we hear voices from the past implying their focus on Jon and his origins. So perhaps this might be the season when we see Jon finally known about his parents. Having said that while we are gelling into this teaser and Jon’s origins, we see frost approaching from the ground, spreading like wildfire but only a cold one. Pointing out to the fact that not only winter is here but white walkers are in Winterfell as well.

For those who may not know, just a week back we had a few glimpses of this upcoming season 8 episode one, where we saw Daenerys being welcomed into Winterfell. So we can certainly make a few speculations out of these leaks and the released teaser but we would recommend you to take it a little lightly. As this TV Show his known to have cast some obsessive spells on its fans.

Check out the leak below, provided if you have not already.

With all that said, Game of Thrones Season 8 has been in production for quite some time now, the break they took between the yearly seasons seems to have worked the magic and the hype is at an all-time high. Every now and then the makers tend to release trailers or as some would agree, leak a few tidbits about the upcoming season, all to add to the excitement.

We all are obsessed about how the ending would pan out for if we compare it to the books it is based on, most would agree that the Game of Thrones plot has derailed quite a lot and it would be difficult to predict at this moment. All the while we have Peter Dinklage also known as Tyrion Lannister claim that this upcoming season will be “the best anyone has ever seen”.

I think it’s going to be the best season of television anyone has ever seen. It takes you to a place that you never saw coming, that I didn’t see coming and just, yeah, be prepared. It’s a fun ride.

So what are your thought about the recently released Game of Thrones Season 8 teaser? Let us know in the comments below.

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