As you may know that M Night Shyamalan’s Glass film is on its way to hit theaters soon enough, however, early reviews seem to prepare us to not expect much from this upcoming addition to the trilogy. The film stars some of the most renowned actors like Samuel L Jackson, James McAvoy, Bruce Willis and Sarah Paulson, that said even with such an accomplished cast if this film is not able to captivate the audience then we do not know what will.

Be that as it may, there are just what the early reviewers are claiming it to be and we all are aware of the fact that 90% of the times critics and reviewers do not do justice. We knew that the film had been in production for quite some time but when we saw the trailers in which all of these bad boys teamed up, we were prepared for something extraordinary by Shyamalan.

Here is what Variety had to say,

in the early reviews of the film Glass, Variety refers to it as “occupying” yet busy in its essence.

“It’s good to see Shyamalan back in form, to the extent that he’s recovered his basic mojo as a yarn spinner. But ‘Glass’ occupies us without haunting us; it’s more busy than it is stirring or exciting. Maybe that’s because revisiting this material feels a touch opportunistic, and maybe it’s because the deluge of comic-book movies that now threatens to engulf us on a daily basis has leeched what’s left of the mystery out of comics.”

While IGN writes,

“Despite a strong cast and an interesting concept Shyamalan never quite manages to pull together the two worlds of Unbreakable and Split into one cohesive film. Never sure whether it’s a heroic superhero story or a psychological thriller, Glass feels more than a little scattered and with its uneven and disappointing third act, ultimately unsatisfying.”

For Hollywood reporter Glass is a film that tries a little too hard and perhaps that is why it fails.

As a trilogy-closer, it’s a mixed bag, tying earlier narrative strands together pleasingly while working too hard (and failing) to convince viewers Shyamalan has something uniquely brainy to offer in the overpopulated arena of comics-inspired stories.

With all that said, it would be too early to jump to conclusions that is what we would recommend you at the moment, so do not give much heed to these early reviews of the film Glass. To be honest which film is good and which is not, is pretty much a relative question, some like the very aspect of the film, which others find boring.

Glass is slated to hit theaters on January 18.

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