The news of Bungie and Activision Blizzard splitting seems to have raised quite a lot of concerns among the fans as now they are mainly questioning about the expectations which have already been set for them. Like Destiny 3 and its release date. However, although this news does not come as genuine as it should have, according to Cowen & Company a well-recognized analyst company, Destiny 3 will still come through and not only that, its release date will be set in the year 2020.

The company adds that while one may think that this split is not good for the game, they like to think that it is, in fact, the best thing for the upcoming Destiny. Cowen said,

“Ultimately, we think this decision is probably for the best for Destiny as a franchise, as we think having two head cooks in the kitchen with somewhat divergent views created some issues with the development process and led the game down some blind alleys. Destiny was a worthwhile attempt by Activision to build another cornerstone franchise, one that just didn’t quite pan out as they had hoped in our view.”

We know that Destiny 1 rolled out back in 2014 following its first major expansion ‘The Taken King’ in 2015, then in 2016 with the second expansion known as Rise of Iron’. In 2017 Destiny 2 was released and although the game did perform reasonably well it was not able to meet the expectations. Hence the reason Activision and Bungie parted their ways. In 2018 we had the Forsaken expansion and now we are looking for Desinty 3 release date.

Now with this analyst firm claiming it to roll out in 2020, a lot of excitement has followed through. Fingers are still pretty much crossed at the moment but be sure to expect more news regarding Destiny 3 anytime soon.

Having said that supposing Destiny 3 does roll out in 2020, will it also roll out on the next-gen Xbox and PS4 aka Xbox Scarlett and PS5? Well, that is an interesting thing to ponder on.

What are your thoughts regarding it? Let us know in the comments below.

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