There already is quite a lot of anticipation among fans regarding the upcoming Dragon Age 4 however the news of it having a Multiplayer experience seems to have added more to the hype. Now even though we are very thin on the details regarding the game itself, it seems like Bioware just might be including a multiplayer experience among other things. That being said, we recommend you to take this as lightly as you can as this is based on a recent job listing by the company.

Apparently, BioWare is looking for a Technical Director who specifically has experience in the development of multiplayer games. Now we cannot be 100% sure about Dragon Age 4 Multiplayer experience from just this job listing. Still, it is safe to assume that it just might be a solid sign that they actually are considering it.

There are other job listings as well but they are for the already expected necessary posts. They include Lead Graphics Programmer who is expected to work on the Frostbite Engine, which also points towards the fact that this new Dragon Age might be built on it. Another job listing is for a Lea Technical UX Designer.

With all that said, all of this information is limited in nature as it is only based on information deduced from the recent job listings by BioWare. What we can say for now is that Dragon Are 4 is probably still in early development stages.

Back in July 2018, we came to know that the Dragon Age 4 entered the thought process then we were expecting it at the Game Awards and a short teaser trailer was shown which game solid confirmation to it. Since then we have been pretty thin on any information. Hopefully, we will know more in the coming days.

What are your thoughts regarding the multiplayer experience of Dragon Age 4? Would you like for it to have a multiplayer experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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