Battle Royale is a mode which every gamer is accustomed to because of its capacity to let as many players as it can in one grand Battle Royale. The success of this genre can be seen in games like Fortnite, PUBG and now even in the recently released COD Black Ops 4. Keeping that into context, you have not yet seen the biggest Battle Royale Clash yet, says Hadean a software company which has recently revealed in its press release that they have been working, on the Aether Engine to enhance its capability to be able to create and successfully execute, the biggest battle royale clash ever.

Not only that they are also planning to host a test battle to check the capacity and implementation of the technology. If you are interested to participate you can sign up as well. Furthermore, a gameplay video has also been released, which you can check out below.

If you wish to check out more details you can take a look below. These are the details which have been provided at the official “aether engine” website.

This is Simulation Reality

With the power to simulate anything, everything becomes possible.
Aether Engine is a hyper-scale simulation engine giving you the power to model everything from universes to atoms.

Connect thousands of players.

There is no doubt that streamed, connected, and cross-platform multiplayer experiences are the future, but why should they be limited to one hundred, or even one thousand people in game? Why not shoot for ten thousand and beyond? What could we learn? What new game mechanics could you build?

Create millions of entities.

With the power to simulate everything, you can combine genres in a single persistent game. There’s nothing stopping the debris from an intergalactic space battle interacting with a first person shooter at ground level.

Multi-scale Physics

Inspired by IMAX The Powers of Ten, we wanted to go beyond the observable, and simulate gravity, collisions, and fluid dynamics at multiple scales. The distributed nature of Aether Engine is giving the Francis Crick Institute the power to simulate animated three-dimensional models of cancer cells undergoing metastasis. When we said from universes to atoms we meant it!

Introducing Aether Engine

These massive immersive simulated experiences are now possible. Aether Engine makes use of the highly efficient octree data structure and, thanks to it’s unique design, it is capable of subdividing 3D space across CPU cores and maintaining a consistent player experience. This means you can now create vast sandbox universes without any complex operations or engineering.

Powered by HadeanOS

The cloud-first operating system engineered for bare-metal performance across massively distributed computing infrastructures.

No Middleware

HadeanOS understands distributed computing. It doesn’t require the complexities of middleware for distributed programs – it scales easily.

No Bloat

HadeanOS is only a few thousands of lines of code. It does away with all the bloat contained in traditional operating systems – making it more reliable.

No Black Boxes

HadeanOS is source included. No two distributed simulations are ever the same so we’ve included the source code – giving you flexibility to customise.

So what are your thoughts about the biggest ever Battle Royale clash? Well, we still have our doubts, for all we know it smells of bugs, lots of bugs.

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