God of War is among those very few games that have a very intense story mode. The relationship between father and son Kratos and Atreus, was portrayed in such a manner that the impact still lasts among the fans. Perhaps that is why the fans are curious about a DLC. Unfortunately, a God of War DLC is not happening, at least for the time being. The reason, director of the game, Cory Barlog adds is that it all became a little too ambitious.

In an interview, Barlog was generous enough to provide somewhat of a reason to the fans on why a DLC is not under consideration. He said that initially a very unique and fun involving idea was under consideration for a God of War DLC. However, that fun idea he adds became a little too ambitious. Moreover, he also shared that other team members from Santa Monica Studio felt that developing a DLC for God of War and of such magnitude would be “crazy” and “a little too big”.

Well, that answer the concerns about the DLC and is sad indeed but it is not completely out of the window. We know that Barlog is very content with God of War and that he has a great love for it, perhaps a less ambitious DLC might follow through in the future.

Having said that it is hard to ignore the success this game has had, no wonder fans are eager to play more of it. Since the day of its release, God of War had been nailing down flags per flags, from highest selling game to the winning Game of Year award. So why should Barlog lower the bar by rolling out just another standard DLC, right? He thought big, but unfortunately a little too big. Let us hope that he and the team come around to a certain level.

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