This news of Vikings Season 6 of being the finishing line should not come as much of a surprise because for most of the fans this TV series had a perfect ending when Ragnar Lodbrok died in the pit of snakes. However, the show went on to make a few more marks and now as the latest reports suggest that the season 6 of Vikings TV series will mark its end.

Having said that even though we all agree upon the fact that this season should have ended long before but saying goodbye is never easy. On that note, we have good news as well that will make saying goodbye to this TV series easy for you. A new Viking themed show is already in the talks and the best part is that it will be a joint production of MGM TV and History. Moreover, we have Hirst and Jeb Stuart writing for it.

Having said that all, there are not many seasons regarding the Vikings that have gained this much appreciation. However, the recent Season 3 of The Last Kingdom seems to have captured quite a lot of attention. Be that as it may, we all agree that this Vikings Show should have ended with the death of Ragnar.

What are the ingredients of a perfect ending? Well, it should be a little bitter, a little sweet & a little brutal in the Vikings case above all very much poetic. All of this and more were present in the episode when Ragnar died. If the season had ended there it would have been true justice.

That said not all was bad afterwards, there have been few ups as well, with the sons of Ragnar and Floki but somehow the essence was missing. Since we are talking about the death of Ragnar, it would not be true justice to mention that this role could not have been performed better by anyone other than Travis Fimmel. Fimmel has given a performance of a lifetime.

Check out a video of his performance on his way to execution below.

Source: Deadline

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